about me

Photography has had a place in my life since high school, since that first period Yearbook class. I was always with a camera in hand. Running after soccer players on the field or trying to capture a sun beam on a tuba. Not much has changed since then. The camera is heavier and the photos are better but I am still that young girl with a thirst for photography.

I believe in dreaming big, following your heart and doing what you love. After the birth of my daughter, Annalyn Mae, it became my passion to document every moment of her being. And that is how Miss Mae Photography erupted.

I consider myself a lifestyle photographer. I shoot in natural light, either on-location or in your home. I will interact with your family and capture you being you - playing, laughing, loving. I strive to capture the memories you never want to forget.

I reside in Phoenix, Arizona with my amazing husband, Mervyn, our incredible children, Annalyn and Mateo. They are my world and the inspiration behind this wonderful journey I am on. I do hope you'll join me.

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