Monday, July 30, 2012

Phoenix, AZ :: Newborn Photographer

MAN! Have I been slacking or WHAT?! Maybe I can chalk it up to planning our little guy's first birthday party and that was consuming my life... but really I think I just got lazy! We all have those moments, right?

So let's catch up!

Here is my sweet friend, Crystal. I'm sure you remember her as the super cute preggo in the bathing suit! Well she had her little guy and he is the cutest thing!

Such a sweet little boy. He was so cooperative during the session too!

I love lifestyle newborn sessions! They make for much more personal photos than the very posed ones. I, of course, will get a few of those, but my sessions, for the most part, are the new family!

I just love this picture! Such a fun angle! Sleeping so peacefully in the carseat!

He told me that he had had ENOUGH! ;)

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Birth Photography Interview

I received an email a few weeks back asking if I'd be interested in talking to 12 news about birth photography. The email said "my name came up." My heart raced and I instantly felt a mixture of nerves and excitement! I was honest with them about only having done ONE birth session so I didn't feel like I was the most qualified but it is an area that I want to expand more into, so I did it! If you know me in real life, you might know that I have a crippling fear of speaking in front of anyone, even our Bible Study group that we've been with for two years! I'm a crazy girl. So I was SUPER nervous but it went well and I even had FUN! :)

Here's the video! I know I sound nervous but everyone I know has lied to me and told me I didn't. ;)

AND if you know someone getting ready to give birth, looking to have it documented, pass along my information! :)

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