Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Seussical FIRST Birthday!

I've been meaning to get a bit more personal on here so that you all can get to know me better, and what better way to start than by sharing our son's first birthday party with you!? ;)

I went back and forth on a theme for his birthday, it was between The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dr. Seuss, ultimately I made the decision because I could dress my kiddos up in Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts and this was the only year the numbers would match their age! HA! So The Very Hungry Caterpillar will be saved for another year!

I'll start with a super cute picture of our little man at his birthday party! He really enjoyed himself and rocked that Thing 1 shirt! ;)

Here is the center island! I absolutely LOVED how it turned out! My sweet hubby did NOT get my vision but he also was in love with it when we were done setting it up! That red painted "thing" in the middle with the yellow tissue paper on it was a homemade cake stand! It was SO easy and only cost like $4! I found the original instructions on pinterest and here is the website! The cupcakes were made to look like Thing One and Thing Two, with red velvet cupcake mix and cotton candy blue icing. YUM!

Made some Truffula Fruit, grapes, Marshmallow Pops, and some Veggie Cups, which are always a huge hit!

The blue drink is Beezlenut Spash, which was Sprite and blue jello, which tastes AMAZING! Next is Cat in the Hat Pops, sliced banana and strawberry, Oreo Pops and, of course no Dr. Seuss party is complete without Green Eggs and Ham!

The VERY cute cakes my Aunt made! I love the little hat on top of his smash cake!

A few more of the decorations. I made paper chains, which were cheap and really cute! The fun water bottle labels and his beautiful chair that I found on craigslist and my sweet Hubby painted, TWICE! What a good guy. ;)

We did a photo booth which was SO fun! We got lots of cute, funny pictures from our guests and they seemed to love the props!

We decided to do a candy guessing game because who doesn't love the chance to win yummy candy?! I framed the Suessical poem to spice it up a bit. And I got "1" candles and the jars from the DollarTree! Woohoo! We ordered the Happy Birthday To You book from amazon (my FAV) and asked the guests to sign it for Mateo! Again, framed a fun poem with the instructions.

We bought lots of Children's toothbrushes to give out as favors! I framed a little excerpt from The Tooth Book and tied a little thank-you card to each! These were a HUGE HIT! Definitely didn't expect that. HAHA!

And here is one last picture of my little man "smashing" his cake. HA! And big Sis was right there to lend a helping hand! Love my babies!

Hope you enjoyed the walk through his party! He really enjoyed it and I loved planning it. Dr. Seuss for a first birthday was lots of fun! :)

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